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Video's of Jim and Marie

Automatic Cattle Roundup   A You Tube video on a roundup of a few of his cattle.   A visit to Sandal House an ancient ruin in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park near Mesa Verde, Colorado.  A video of Jim and Marie in a balloon crash into trees Kenya, Africa. Balloon Crash






Los Lunas Decalogue Stone and Hidden Mountain

The Decalogue Stone sits below a 700 foot cliff at the base of Hidden Mountain.  Marie and I climbed up in a V shaped extremely steep wash to get to the top.  The mountain is nearly flat on top with a 360 deg view in any direction.  The boulders and cliff tops are littered with petroglyphs and collapsed rock ruins.  We hiked a full circle of the top which is about a mile long and a half mile wide.   We found a Greek inscription on a basalt boulder and more ruins and saw a Phoenician Tanit symbol just below the cliff face on the north side.  There were between 20 and 30 abandoned ruins which were obviously not of  the Ancestral Puebloen style.  I wonder if they were of Jewish or Phoenician origin?





Tome Hill

On a recent climb to view several of the 1800 Petroglyphs on Tome Hill I think I saw a Phoenician Tanit symbol.  I reviewed several of my photos taken on a recent climb and think one of them reveals a Phoenician Tanit symbol but will have to make another climb to be absolutely certain.  It's not much of a stretch to think that the Phoenicians could have traveled from Hidden Mountain to Tome Hill a couple of thousand years ago.  This of course is valid only if the Hidden Mountain Decalogue Stone and the Tanit symbols are not a hoax.



The Grand Canyon State


Monument Valley

The Mittens, Monument ValleyOne of the Earths most astonshing sights.  John Wetherill led many expeditions throughout the area in early 1900.  He also passed through here on the expedition of discovery to Rainbow Natural Bridge in 1909.   



Keet Seel Navajo National MonumentKeet Seel

The 700 year old Ancestral Puebloan ruins of Keet Seel were discovered by Richard Wetherill in early 1895. They can only be viewed by hiking into Tsegi Canyon, climbing down a thousand foot plateau and hiking up a well marked trail. The route requires crossing a rocky streambed through water sometimes encountering quicksand, rock and mud. The route is some of the most enchanting country on the planet passing five waterfalls, colorful bluffs of Pink sandstone and the intense Blue skies of Navajo country.  When the overnight campground is reached a ranger must be met to guide visitors through the ruins. The route back is the mother of all hikes when the base of the Shanto Plateau is reached it requires a thousand foot climb out of the Tsegi Canyon. Click here for a video of the 19 mile hike to Keet Seel.

Shaffners in Colorado on a trip to Sandal House in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park Cortez, Colorado. The park is behind the cliff dwellings of the Mesa Verde National Park and must be guided by a Ute Tribal member to gain Access. A collection of artifacts was made here in about 1889 by the Wetherills and sent to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Members of the group were the two authors Fred Blackburn and Robert Sanchez. Robert Sanchez is a writer for the magazine 5280 Denver's magazine.  He is writing a story about Richard Wetherill for the February 2012 issue.  



Betatakin Navajo National MonumentBetatakin

John Wetherill discovered Betatakin after being told by a Navajo tribal member of it's where abouts.  It is an Eastern facing alcove which is protected from the Southwestern prevailing winds of Arizona.  A truly spectacular site and one of the most beautiful Ancestral Puebloan Ruins in the United States.  It can be viewed by climbing down a well marked trail of a thousand feet.  The round trip is about five miles.  


Antelope Canyon 

Antelope CanyonAntelope Canyon is just outside Page, Arizona and is truly a mystical place with colors that change every few minutes and sounds that echo off it's walls in various volumes. It is a photographers dream.



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