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The Four Families




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Automatic Cattle Roundup   A You Tube video on a roundup of a few of his cattle.   A visit to Sandal House an ancient ruin in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park near Mesa Verde, Colorado.  A video of Jim and Marie in a balloon crash into trees Kenya, Africa. Balloon Crash






Los Lunas Decalogue Stone and Hidden Mountain

The Decalogue Stone sits below a 700 foot cliff at the base of Hidden Mountain.  Marie and I climbed up in a V shaped extremely steep wash to get to the top.  The mountain is nearly flat on top with a 360 deg view in any direction.  The boulders and cliff tops are littered with petroglyphs and collapsed rock ruins.  We hiked a full circle of the top which is about a mile long and a half mile wide.   We found a Greek inscription on a basalt boulder and more ruins and saw a Phoenician Tanit symbol just below the cliff face on the north side.  There were between 20 and 30 abandoned ruins which were obviously not of  the Ancestral Puebloen style.  I wonder if they were of Jewish or Phoenician origin?





Tome Hill

On a recent climb to view several of the 1800 Petroglyphs on Tome Hill I think I saw a Phoenician Tanit symbol.  I reviewed several of my photos taken on a recent climb and think one of them reveals a Phoenician Tanit symbol but will have to make another climb to be absolutely certain.  It's not much of a stretch to think that the Phoenicians could have traveled from Hidden Mountain to Tome Hill a couple of thousand years ago.  This of course is valid only if the Hidden Mountain Decalogue Stone and the Tanit symbols are not a hoax.



The Four Families


GarciaMarie Garcia Shaffner

The Garcia family and it's allied families has it's  roots deep in New Mexico history beginning in 1601 with the arrival  Juan De Onate. Many members of this family were major contributors to the economic, spiritual, and educational development of New Mexico.  Juana Lopez de Aragon, who is considered one of the 12 founding families of Albuquerque is The seventh great-grandmother of Marie Garcia Shaffner.  The Garcia family can trace it's root directly to Montezuma the king of the Aztec's.



The James W. Johnson family arrived in 1909 two miles south of Glenrio, New Mexico from Pilot Point, Texas. The family secured several homestead claims as actual settlers that eventually led to a ranch of several hundred acres. The Johnson family raised milk cows shipping milk product via the Glenrio train siding to Amarillo, Texas. The actual paper milk caps for the bottles were stored in the ceiling of the house. In recent times the ceiling collapsed strewing hundred of the caps on the floor. The property which has been abandoned for several decades is still referred to as the "Old Johnson Place" by the locals.

Research indicates the progenitor of the Johnson family, John A. Johnson lived in Tennessee during the mid 1800's. He had at least two sons, James W. and John A. Johnson. Both sons married sisters, Nancy Ellen Roberts and Anna Roberts. The 1880 Census records indicate that the two brothers lived near each other in Mississippi. James had two daughters, Nancy and Johnnie while living in Mississippi.

James, Bessy and wife Ellen JohnsonJames W. Johnson moved from Lafayette Mississippi sometime after 1880 with his wife and three children Nancy, Johnnie and Edgar to Denton County, Pilot Point, Texas. Here James had four more children Albert, William, Ira and, Bessie. Bessie was severely handicapped when born. The family suggested she had gotten into Lye when very young. We now know this not to be true, but at that time it was the only thing a family could use as an explanation for the child's disability. She never married and was cared for by several family members until her death in 1943.
Marion Wetherill and Albert Sidney Johnson
Albert Sidney Johnson, one of the seven children, married Elizabeth Lelia Collins in Hereford, Texas September 6, 1908. He had four children with this first marriage, Carmena born in 1909, Albert born in 1911, Dan born in 1921 and, Robert born in 1923. Albert and Elizabeth met in Clovis, New Mexico where he proposed to her at the Clovis train station.

Albert Sidney Johnson's second marriage was to Marion Jane Wetherill August 7, 1946 in Bernalillo, New Mexico. He had two children from this marriage, James born in 1947 and Richard born in 1948. Albert and Marion met in Albuquerque, New Mexico at St. Joseph's Hospital while Albert was visiting an insurance client. Marion was a nurse at the hospital. They were together almost 10 years before the marriage. The picture at right was taken June 30, 1939 in Amarillo, Texas of Marion and Albert.


Marietta Palmer Married Richard Wetherill December 12,  1896 in Sacramento, California.  She and Richard set up house in the remote New Mexico desert near an Archeological site called Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon.  Richard created a trading empire with the local Navajo tribe members furnishing their locally manufactured products to be sold in the east.  Richard was murdered in 1910 by an angry Navajo while moving cattle near their home.  Marietta was left with five children in this remote area of New Mexico with little means to earn a living so moved to the Jemez Mountains establishing a ranch.  She actually said she became a nomad the rest of her life.

WetherillClayton Wetherill, Courtesy Anasazi Heritage Center

 The Wetherill family were responsible for some of the most important archeological discoveries in the Southwest, in particular Richard Wetherill and the discovery of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, Colorado.  They were some of the first explorers of Southwestern Native American Cultures in the Four Corners area.  Other creative members of the the family were Robert and Richard Wetherill of Chester, Pennsylvania who were two of the most influential industrialists in the Eastern United States in the late 19th century.  They formed the Robert Wetherill and Company,  manufacturing the Wetherill Corliss Steam Engine and other heavy machinery.